SEAT Automotive - The Perfect Sound Makers
Director: Kent Hugo


SEAT Barcelona brought DJ and Producer Carlos Jean to their factory to meet with, and be inspired by, the SEAT engineers. The ultimate purpose of the project was for Carlos to then create sounds which are inspired by the way they work.

Kent directed all 6 episodes of the series. He also wore the composers hat for the soundtrack.

In episode 6 we conclude the series and travel to Carlos’ sound studio, where he greets the engineers and plays their individual sounds for them…plus a little surprise: (*SPOILER*) a version of Katy Perry’s Firework (which Carlos produced) using sounds inspired by the engineers. Awwwwww.



Client: SEAT
Director of Photography: Javier Molina
Music: Kent Hugo (in situ music by Carlos Jean, courtesy Warner Music Group Spain)
Production Company: Smile Spain
Exec. Producer: Alvaro Weber & Sandy Reay
Producer: Eduardo Olavide

Agency: Atletico Barcelona (Grey)
Creative Director: Steve Meredith
Agency Producer: Sandy Reay

Graphics Art Director: Vini Naldi
Animation: Vini Naldi