Oddka – Electricity!





Kent teamed up with Vice to create a 2 part commercial series for Oddka vodka.
The concept: Profile “odd” individuals.
So Kent met Joanna, Nick and Dylan from Makelight, and with the help of illustrator Valero Doval, made this informative film on a device they were working on.


Agency: Vice

Year: 2014

Frame: 1080p
Film Ratio: 1.77:1
Frame rate: 25
Runtime: 02m25s
Country of production: UK


Oddka – Electricity!

Client: Oddka Vodka
Agency: Vice

Director: Kent Hugo
Illustrations by
Valero Doval – valerodoval.com
DoP: Nic Booth
Music by Tristan Cassel-Delavois

2D Artists: Martin Morris, Kent Hugo
3D Artist: Mike Wilson
Editors: Joe D’Ovidio, Ricardo Lemos, Jo Apps
Colourist: Danny Atkinson @ Th1ng

Production Company: Bullion
Producers: Drew O’Neill, Jade Bogue, Hannah Gracie

Agency: Lina Prestwood, Lisa Cadwallader

AC: Anthony McHugh
Gaffer: Jazz Bhalla
Sound Recordist: Danny Brosnan
Stylist: Anna Thompson
Art Director: Chloe Wood
Art Director: Anna Mould
Stills / PA: Simona Boulding
PA: Carly Plasha
Runner: Mario Bock
Additional Photography: Jack Newman

Makelight are:
Joanna Alpe
Nick Redwood
Dylan Turney