The Horrible Sounds



The Horrible Sounds is a music video for electronic music artist, EVAC (Jeremy Goldstein). The story takes place amidst the scant remains of a destroyed city, apparently ravaged by some bizarre sound-based future weapon. A curious lad named Lucien and a band of well-dressed followers set off to investigate one of the ominous broadcast towers which encircle the town. It all goes horribly wrong.


Artist: EVAC

Year: 2006

Frame: NTSC SD
Film Ratio: 1.77:1
Frame rate: 24
Runtime: 06m14s
Country of production: Canada


EVAC – The Horrible Sounds

Artist: Quadrant 5 Studios / EVAC
Song Title: Crunch ‘Sigh-Fi’ (EVAC Remix)
Producers/ Directors: Play Airways (Kent Hugo, Alexander Kurina, Joshua Raskin)