Drones Club

Drones Club

Feel No Pain



In a glimpse into an alternate reality, a posse; a militia, wanders derelict and empty-feeling urban wastelands.


Year: 2016

Frame: 1080p
Film Ratio: 1.77:1
Frame rate: 25
Runtime: 04m01s
Country of production: UK


Label: PMR
Director: Kent Hugo

Producers: Hannah Gracie, Drew O’Neill
Production Manager: Sarah Kaye
DOP: Arthur Loveday
First AC: Ben Marshall
First AD: Tom Wynborne

Editor: Kent Hugo
Colourist: Kent Hugo

Cast: Spike Taylor Manson, Harry Wolff-Evans, Oliver Dorman, Ruby Stephens, Jonny White, Oliver Munts, Will Temple, Nick Wood, Yasmin Ahmadzadeh, Daniel IB, Izzie Dobney, Charles Krolik-Root, Russel Brown, Tom Cater, Eloise Smyth, Ben Hockley, Ollie & Rory Cottam, Spike Taylor Manson, Harry Heard, Stevie Umbongo, Harley Elvis Morlet, Olli Dutton, Rebecca Phillips, Charlotte Brown, Amma Watana, Mike Watson, Kudi Wanda, Maisie Plumstead, Si Gray, Chris Melian, Sophie Hopkins, Sam Lepard, Tommy Slav Keravella, Tom Bradshaw

Production Company: Bullion Productions
Directors Rep: Kim Jarrett & Sam Davey @ OB Management
Filmed and produced in London, England.
All rights reserved.